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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

KettleBelleBody Challenge Round 2 - Pre New Year's Resolutions!

The latest KettleBelleBody Challenge is up, so those of you who entered need to submit your before and after pics and measurements, and a report about what you did and how it all went, by Wednesday! 

As several entrants were ill at various points over the past month, we talked of extending the challenge, but I just got an email from my friend Brad, of Eat Stop Eat, who is running a challenge of his own, and thought that we could combine the two - use Brad's nutrition and KettleBelleBody workouts, to get in your best shape ever BEFORE New Year's Resolutions!   Also means you can get all the bonuses he is offering, and also be in with a chance of winning a prize from me by entering and logging in the forum: http://carolineradway.ning.com/forum/topics/9-weeks-till-new-year-the !!!

The email I got from Brad (bear in mind I got this yesterday, 2nd Nov, so the '3 days' he mentions is now only 2!):

It's nine weeks until the end of 2009, I know, scary but true.

Nine weeks until we all start making our new resolutions.

And most likely, Nine weeks until we promise ourselves that we are
going "eat less, exercise more and finally lose some weight"


What a waste of a resolution!


We don't need to wait until December 31st to start losing weight.

In fact, with the right attitude and the right approach you could
lose twenty pounds BEFORE new years.

You could have twenty pounds LESS FAT on your body AT your new
years party.

So why wait?

Here's my challenge to you ==> Instead of wasting your resolution
on a weight loss goal, why not commit TODAY to losing 20 pounds
BEFORE 2010?

It's achievable, it's realistic and it is definitely doable.

I'm not going to lie to you, it will take some hard work on your
part. Losing 20 pounds in only 9 weeks is going to be a challenge -
But anything worth doing is worth doing right, so it's going to
take at least a bit of work.

So consider this a personal challenge.

And I'm going to do my best to help you along the way.

Here's how:

I'm calling this the "Lose 20 in 9 Before the end of 2009!"

To get you started in the right direction, I'm going to give you 3
great weight loss bonuses if you pick up your copy of Eat Stop Eat
over the next three days.

First, I'm going to give you 'How Many Calories' my answer to the
question "how many calories do you need to eat to lose weight"

Second, I'm going to give you "The Ten Day Diet Solution" A really
simple set of quick and easy guidelines for cutting back on how
much you eat

Third, I'm going to give you "The Eat Stop Eater's Guide to Eating,
Fasting and Everything in between" this is the success manual for
anybody who is new to the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle and want to learn
how to maximize it's fat burning benefits.

With Eat Stop Eat, these three bonuses and the Elimination Workout
(which you already have) you have ALL the tools you need to make a
20 pound weight loss by the end of 2009 a complete reality.

There is nothing missing, you will be armed with everything you
need, the rest will be up to you.

But if that doesn't sound like enough, I'm also willing to help you
along the way with two, hour long coaching calls with John Barban
(Science Editor of Eat Stop Eat) and me. The best part about these
calls is that John just recently lost 20 pounds in 9 weeks,
dropping from 215 pounds all the way down to a VERY lean 190
pounds, so he knows what you will be going through!

In our first call John and I will  help you set your goals, set
your mind frame and cut through some of the common myths of weight

And of course we'll answer all of your questions on how to make
weight loss a reality.

Then in our second call we'll cover the hardest part of any diet -
keeping on track.

Why wait until 2010? Why waste your new years resolution on a
weight loss dream (after all, when you don't say a goal out load -
it's nothing more than a dream).

So here's your chance - Take the challenge to lose 20 pounds of
body fat BEFORE new years, and then think up a resolution that's
more original and more useful than "lose weight"

Time lines are tight, so this offer is only available for the next
three days.

If you want a solid shot at losing twenty pounds BEFORE 2010 then
you need to start today!

Let's get going!

Your friend,


So, if you want to make the most of all Brad has to offer, check out:  EAT STOP EAT.  Then head over to the community site and enter the challenge there:  http://carolineradway.ning.com/forum/topics/9-weeks-till-new-year-the

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Kettlebells for Surfing

As a surfer, and all round 'board sports' woman, I want my training to make my 'playtime' even more fun! I windsurf, surf, kitesurf, snowboard and have recently taken up stand up paddle surfing - my weekends are dedicated to whatever nature has in store, and if the forecast is for strong winds or massive swell, I need to be ready for it!

Unfortunately, sports that are weather dependent, such as surfing or windsurfing, can be infuriatingly unpredictable, and you can go months on end without a day where 'not being at work' co-incides with a good forecast! If you are a pro, then of course you can dedicate your time to searching out the right conditions, or being ready for them when they come, but as most of us have full time jobs too, we have to accept the fact that we can't be out there ripping it up as much as we might like.

So it makes sense to ensure that we are maximising our precious time on the water by being as fit for it as possible. And that's where kettlebells come in pretty handy...

Many surfers and other board sports lovers are by nature a little anti-'being indoors too much' so the idea of going from the office to the gym can be more than a little painful. Many will go begrudgingly because they feel they should and realise they need to stay in shape, but the love for sports that get you right out there in the elements means they are far happier in the open air. So the portability of kettlebells is a big plus - throw them (well, don't actually throw, but you get my point) in the back of the van (gotta have a surf van, but car will do) and take them to the beach or park for a workout, rather than cooping your primal self up in a sweaty gym!

Surfing requires a heady mix of strength, power, endurance, mobility, stability, balance and fluidity that can all be perfectly developed using a properly constructed kettlebell program.

The first hurdle a surfer has to contend with is a hard paddle out back in the first place. So you are going to need a strong back and shoulders, mobility through the shoulder girdle, a healthy rotator cuff and of course the heart and lungs to keep this all going as you battle it out past the white water.

Kettlebells make working the posterior chain a natural step, the basic swing strengthens the entire back side of the body, whilst also developing endurance by getting the heart pumping. Moving into snatches, and you have an even more powerful exercise for the surfer, as you strengthen and stabilise the shoulder and shoulder girdle at lockout, and the workload becomes even more intense.

A great way to condition yourself for the paddle out would be a 10 minute snatch test. Perform 10 reps on each side, resting between sets as little as you can but as much as you need, for a total of 10 minutes. Count your reps performed in the time period and aim to beat your number next time! The aim here is to ultimately rest as little as possible to get maximum reps in, so staying fluid and relaxed while working hard is key - again a great crossover, as paddling out into big sets you need to keep calm and focussed.

In addition, great exercises for paddling would include a supine KB pullover - lying on your back, feet flat and knees bent, hold the KB at your chest, arms almost straight, and drop the arms, hinging at the shoulders not the elbows, overhead almost to the floor, then return to the start position. Go as heavy as you can on this, or try one smaller kettlebell in one hand and alternate.

Flexibility and stability in the shoulders can be developed with the snatch, and also the windmill when the kettlebell is held in the upper hand - this is a vital exercise in the surfer's armoury as it strengthens the mid section while under torsion, providing a 3 dimensional approach to 'core' training that is so often overlooked in more conventional training.

So, you've made it out back, and your watching the sets roll in. You pick a wave and you have to sprint like mad to catch the bloody thing. So you are going to need some serious reserve capacity in that cardiovascular system to manage it. So ensuring you are performing hard, intense intervals in your training program. The snatch-test approach mentioned earlier should do the job nicely - but you could also consider adding in some shorter, even more intense intervals in addition. Try a heavier kettlebell than you use in the snatch test, and perform tabata intervals (20 s work, 10 s rest) for 4 mins total.

Next comes the 'pop up'. Explosive power, co-ordination and balance all come together in one fluid movement, and you will find that a core of steel will give you a significant advantage. Of course, there is no substitute for practicing the actual drill, so you could get yourself an 'Ollypop' towel and physically practice the 'pop' as part of your warm up. But in addition, you should include Turkish get ups (which are also great for the shoulders) as well as windmills as already mentioned. V sits with the kettlebell going through the same overhead motion as the pullover are also great, you can pull the knees in to your chest, or, taking it further, have the arms and legs straight and 'pike' up to centre.

Renegade rows are a staple favourite in any training plan as they are great for the core and the upper back, so these have got to be in a surfing fitness plan for definite! Combine with some press ups in the same position, either alternating each rep (row, press up, row, press up) or doing a set of one then the other. A bottoms up kettlebell low plank is also a good one to throw in for good measure.

So, you've mastered the pop-up and you're up and surfing! Front squats are a great exercise for the pop up and also for the ride itself, as they load up the core while developing leg strength. Squatting rock bottom is the key - once you have the mobility and strength to squat rock bottom with added load, you will feel how 'free' your legs feel and how you can surf fluidly with more ease and less effort. Single leg squats & deadlifts are also key exercises to include.

Training barefoot or in minimal shoes means throughout the entire training session we are strengthening up our feet - and while surfing, the feet are working hard to direct your bodyweight effectively into the board so you can turn and ride smoothly. I personally love to wear my Vibram Five Fingers as much as I can, not just for training - and as much as I hate wearing wetsuit boots unless I absolutely have to (i.e. my toes would otherwise drop off with the cold!) I think one of the reasons I love them so much is that they look a bit 'webbed' and remind me of being on the water! I have noticed that my toes have literally come alive since wearing them, and my feet are so much stronger. This has such an impact on how well you can control the board - it makes it worth the funny looks I get at the supermarket!

The beauty of surfing is that you are compelled to stay out as long as the conditions are firing, and having a solid level of fitness means you won't need to be cutting your sessions short as you haven't got enough in you to keep going. Making the most of days when the swell isn't pumping, and pumping some cast iron kettlebells instead, means you can jump in when the conditions call for it and make the most of every second!

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Caroline_Radway

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Kettlebell V Treadmill

Cardio must be done at the gym, right? Or pounding the pavements outside in the cold and rain, or by lapping the pool for hours on end?

Well, no, not at all - especially when you have a kettlebell or two to hand!

Cardiovascular activity is anything that involves elevating the heart rate to get it working harder than usual, and will involve movement of the major limbs in order to elicit an elevated heart rate response.

We all think of the obvious forms of cardio, but even weight training can have a cardiovascular benefit when the exercises are performed with minimal rest in between. I'm sure you've heard of circuit training, but when it comes to performing cardio outside of a circuit class we all tend to migrate to the 'usuals'.

I think a lot of this is down to gyms! We don't want to draw too much attention to ourselves, so we 'follow the herd' and do what everyone else is doing, and what will keep us as invisible as possible. Jumping jacks, skipping, burpees etc are all just a little too, well, different, to feel comfortable doing in public.

Even if we exercise at home, it still feels a bit strange jumping around not moving anywhere, so we might go for a run instead. Ironically going nowhere in another sense...

The bodyweight exercises mentioned above are all excellent cardio conditioning exercises, and are actually more intense so can be performed in an interval training format (e.g. 1 minute on and 1 minute off) which gives you a far better fat burning and metabolism boosting workout than the equivalent time spent at a steady plod on the treadmill! You get much more high intensity work in, and it is intensity, not time spent exercising, that is the key to increased fitness and a boosted metabolism (which means increased fat loss!).

Kettlebells are also a perfect way to get cardiovascular conditioning without even having to move from the spot you are in - if you are ever asked what you would take onto your desert island, make sure it's a kettlebell (you'll then look super hot when you find the local 'talent' too!).

Swings are the basic kettlebell dynamic (hence cardiovascular) exercise, and involve your entire body. You simply (there is specific technique involved so not that simple to start with) swing the kettlebell backwards and forwards, bending at the knees and hips as you lower the kettlebell and driving the legs and hips up to raise the kettlebell, using momentum from the power of your legs and hips, rather than the strength of your arms.

If you doubt whether this can match plodding away on a treadmill, I recommend you give it a go! I did 25 swings with a 16kg kettlebell yesterday in between each set of resistance exercises (a total of 23 sets of 25 swings!) and in around 30 mins I had had a heart-pounding, metabolism boosting, endorphin rushing workout that was hard but enjoyable and immensely satisfying!

Compare that to jogging on a treadmill watching TV.... In fact, maybe don't even try! In my view there is no contest, and once you've given it a go you'll surely be hooked too!
If you want to join the fun, there's a KettleBelleBody Challenge going on, come and join us: http://carolineradway.ning.com

Monday, 21 September 2009

KettleBelleBody Challenge Starts Today!

It's not too late to enter - but better be quick!


1. Follow KettleBelleBody workouts (if you haven't got the book, you can get your copy: http://www.kettlebellebody.com)

2. Follow the KettleBelleBody Nutrition Plan, or a nutrition plan of your choice, to be approved by me first! You have the Nutrition Guide in the community site: http://carolineradway.ning.com/forum/topics/your-nutrition-guide and my new S.I.M.P.L.E. Nutrition System: http://carolineradway.ning.com/forum/topics/simple-nutrition-system for you to use.

3. Take measurements and front, side, back view pics. Log all this on the forum: http://carolineradway.ning.com/forum/topics/transformation-contest-monday

4. Report at least 3 times per week in the forum (the same link as above to keep everyone in the loop!). I'm actually away for 2 of the 6 weeks, so you're going to have to keep each other psyched up for those 2 weeks as I'm going to be staying away from the computer!

5. Submit final measurements and pics on my birthday (what a treat!), Sunday 1st November. I will choose the winner and the winner can select the prize!

Any questions, give me a shout via email, a comment below or on the forum!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Kettlebell Revolution and Killer 10 Minute Workout from the Monkey Bar Gym

Thought I'd let you all know that you can get Chris Lopez' 'Kettlebell Revolution' for half price from today! Up to normal price ($97) on Friday, so get in there quick if you want to nab a copy:

Turbulence Training

Of course it's not a patch on my awesome kettlebell programme (that's for girls, but not 'just' for girls!) KettleBelleBody, and if you're not sure which one to get, I know which I'd reccomend! But if you already have KettleBelleBody and fancy a change, or if you're as obsessed by kettlebells as most kettlebellees are and want everything you can get your hands on, this programme is worth a try!

And, there's more! If you want a great, killer, 10 min workout from the legend, Jon Hinds of the famous 'Monkey Bar Gym', here ya go:

Simple, quick....

.... and BRUTAL!!!


You can find out more from Jon at the Monkey Bar Gym (he actually created the Jungle Gym - essentially the same as a TRX):